Hilarious Wedding Photos That Are Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

There is, perhaps, no bigger day in your life (other than maybe the birth of children) than your wedding. It's an expensive and emotionally challenging experience that you will remember every day for the rest of your life. So, you want it to go perfectly.

The good news is that the following weddings were joyful unions between people. The bad news is that each of them had a single moment of nearly unintentional hilarity. Check them out and while you're laughing, you can make a note of what not to do on your big day. 

Enjoy them and be sure to tell your friends about them once you've finished.

1. The Father Of The Bride Gives Away More Than He Expected


Yes, this proud father was walking his daughter down the aisle when his pants fell down. Fortunately, his daughter thought it was hilarious and it is.

2. The Flower Girl Is The Flower Guy


Yes, this gentleman stepped up to the plate for a flower girl and he couldn't be more proud of that fact. This is peacocking with style.

3. When The Swan Invaded The Wedding


This swan arrived when the wedding party was due to sit down for the reception and wouldn't go away. Instead, it kept eyeballing one guest all the way through the meal.

4. The Best Wedding Photo Bomb Ever


If you are going to have your wedding photographs interfered with, that interference should add something of value. This is sheer brilliance but please don't do this if you see someone getting married.


5. Say Goodbye To The Unwanted Guest


The lady in white decided to invite herself to the wedding photos even though nobody wanted her in them. So, the photographer removed her in post-production.

6. What Happens When You Invite Jayden Smith


Jayden Smith, son of Will Smith, is something of an oddball at the best of times. This is what happens when you invite him to your wedding.

7. When The Cake Spoils The Photo


It might be best to consider the implications of stray fruit before you line up that perfect pre-cake-cutting shot or you might end up with something like this.

8. The Thriller Of A Wedding


Novelty weddings always seem like a good idea at the time but looking back on the photos, it's probably not. However, this may be the first zombie photobomb in history.

9. When The Bride Really Needed A Drink

Vitamin Ha

It's probably fair to say that if your beloved needs to drink like this on her wedding day, you should have waited before you got married.

10. The Worst Moment To Adjust Your Glasses


If you are going to officiate at a wedding, there is just one moment at which you should not use a single finger to adjust your glasses. This was that moment.


11. Marriage Day Doom Saying


The world may be trying to send you a message when your wedding day newspaper headline looks something like this. She seems to be taking it in good part though.

12. When The Bridesmaid's Dresses Are Itchy


This is a lovely candid moment that these bridesmaids will wish hadn't been shared with the whole world. Wearing new fabrics can be challenging.

13. When You Realize That Everyone Is The Same


The two families at this wedding came to the happy conclusion that they had much more in common than they had differences. Bonding was easy after that.

14. When The Best Man Is Too Prepared


You know that the night before the wedding is going to be a little heavy when the best man turns up with this checklist sewn into his tuxedo.

15. When Love Really Bites

Washington Post

This poor chap ended up being escorted to hospital because he was bitten by a rattlesnake as he posed for his wedding photos. The good news is he's fine. We have no idea about the snake. 

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