Hilariously Awful Pregnancy Photos That Probably Shouldn't Have Been Taken

One of the happiest days in someone's life is when they find out that they are pregnant. Then they have 9 months to look forward to meeting the new arrival to the family. Given that things become quite noticeable after a few months, it's no surprise that many women choose to immortalize their pregnancies on film. They are the start of the memories of childhood.

Sadly, all of the ladies we are about to look at should not have been quite so enthusiastic. These photos are all, without fail, so bad that they are hilarious.

Come and take a look, you'll be very glad that you did.

1. This Is A Turkey In More Ways Than One

Team Jimmy Joe

The line of thinking here is baffling.

"Let's show off my pregnant beauty, oh and throw in a dead turkey please!" We'd have sworn that nobody has ever said that, but we're clearly wrong.

2. Just Getting Naked In The Snow

Just Mommies

We're not medical professionals, but we're pretty certain that no doctor would encourage a pregnant lady to go frolicking almost naked in the snow.

3. The Question Is "What Do You Think You Are Doing?"

Team Jimmy Joe

This should be sweet, but somehow, it comes off as a little creepy. There's no need for you both to be pregnant and that question mark is way over the top.

4. The Stalker In The Grass

Team Jimmy Joe

This photo would be truly lovely if it wasn't for the strange stalker man in the back of the shot. He just doesn't belong there.


5. The Tattoo That Went Too Far

Just Mommies

It's not the 1920s—we are all cool with tattoos today, but this one? It's just a little bit much. This couple will look back and think, why? Thank goodness, it's temporary.

6. Nothing Says "I Love You Baby" Like Ninja Styling

Strange Beaver

Is it their hobby or a bizarre warning to their unborn child that it had better behave itself? We don't know and we're not sure that we want to either. 

7. Too Artsy For Their Own Good

Team Jimmy Joe

A beach ball as a baby substitute probably sounded much more profound than this turned out to be. The pose, seen here, is straight up silly.

8. The Spider Queen Awaits


She's remarkably physically fit, but that doesn't change the fact that this pregnant mom will soon be appearing in our nightmares. Just no.

9. The Insane Clown Baby

Give It Love

This doesn't seem like a photo that predicts juvenile detention and substance abuse at all. But it does. Who dresses their unborn up as a Juggalo?

10. Bang, Bang, This Should Have Been Shot Down

Just Mommies

There are some fairly simple rules in life and one of those is babies and guns don't mix. Don't break that rule. Don't be this couple, please.


11. Not Eggs-actly What She Was Hoping For


The whole egg metaphor is a bit labored (sorry, we couldn't resist) at best. This cracks us up but not in the way she intended.

12. This Should Have Been Road Blocked


"I'm having a baby! I'll just go and lay down in the road for a clever visual pun." That's not the brightest idea that anyone has ever had.

13. The Creepiest Kiss In History


We can see where they were going with this, and it had the potential to be sweet—but in the end, it just wasn't.

14. Bunny Ears To Welcome Your Baby Are A No-No

Team Jimmy Joe

Bunny ears are indelibly associated in the American psyche with Playboy and that's not something most people want to associate with their unborn child.

15. This Idea Was Tired Before The Photo Was Taken

Just Mommies

Why the tire? For the love of life, why the tire? This is a lovely sweet photo of a couple in love and their soon-to-arrive baby and a tire. We don't get it at all.

We hope that each of these newborns has a happy, healthy and safe life. The photos may be a disaster, but they all prove one thing: These children will be loved.  

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