Hilariously Bad Face Tattoos That Make You Wonder "What Were They Thinking?"

Things have changed a lot over the last few decades and tattoos, which were once very much frowned upon, have become socially acceptable and even something to be proud of.

The tattoos we are about to show you, however, are nothing like those acceptable tattoos. You see, if there's one place it's a bad idea to tattoo, it's your face. Make a mistake there and it will haunt you for the rest of your days.

So, sit back and prepare to laugh and be very, very glad that none of these designs will be staring back from your mirror today.

1. The Eyebrows Of Horror


If somebody shaves off your eyebrows while you are sleeping your jail cell, this is not what you do to replace them. Unless you're this guy.

2. Catastrophe Of The Eyebrow Kind


This lady should have had a friend draw these on with pen first and then she could have seen how silly she would look before doing this. Oh dear.

3. Nice 'Mo Bro


Sometimes, we have to accept that nature has not blessed us with certain gifts. This is a better plan than a mustache tattoo. Trust us.

4. The State Of This One

Tattoos Time

If you're wondering what a good thing to have inked on your cheek might be, we can now categorically say it's not Florida.


5. Not The Brightest Spark

Tattoos Collection

We have to wonder if this guy was in a casting call for a TV series about a superhero that never got made? Was this his demonstration of commitment to the role?

6. The Beard Is Even Worse


The horns are terrible but we get them as a statement of rebellion. The beard, on the other hand, seems to be saying "I wasn't man enough to grow this."

7. A Whale Of A Terrible Job


Yes, this gentleman's bright idea was to give himself a mustache made out of whales by the looks of things. This cannot be undone.

8. The Consequences Of Bad Tattoos


We imagine that this guy has people whack him in the face with a shoe, a lot. That's what we'd want to do if we saw this thing in our house.

9. He Sold His Face So Cheap


This genius decided to sell advertising space on his face to websites. The only interested parties were adult sites. He took their money anyway. Now, apparently, he regrets it. No surprises there, bro.

10. Better To Go Bald Gracefully


We know that as we get older many of us will start to lose our hair. It's no fun, but that's how life is. Tattooing it back on, however, is not how life should be. Please don't do it.


11. What Makes You Think You Will Be Single For The Rest Of Your Life?


This has to be the worst idea of them all. We have no idea who this guy is, but we're pretty sure that no one is going to want him staring at them in their sleep. Single life is guaranteed.

12. The Worst Eyebrow Replacements Ever


What is it about eyebrows and the urge to replace them with terrible tattoos? Why not just get eyebrow style tattoos instead? Then you'd be happier, we promise.

13. No, They Don't


We have to imagine that this was a surprise gift from his cellmates and not something that this guy chose to have tattooed on himself because, for the record, "They don't love it at all."

14. Right But Wrong All The Same


Yes, this tattoo does make him look like a monster, but we think it's the mohawk in the style of Adolf Hitler's mustache that really puts the finishing touches to this.

15. The Day You Wish You Weren't American


We think patriotism is a good thing by and large, and a love of your country is healthy. This tattoo, however, takes things way too far. 

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