Hilariously Sad Pictures Of People Who Just Can't Catch A Break

Have you ever noticed that some people seem naturally lucky? No matter how many ladders they walk under or black cats whose paths they cross, everything that happens to them is awesome.

Well, the universe likes balance and to make up for those people there is another much less happy group of people. They're the ones who just can't catch a break as karma lays all the world's woes at their door.

The images we'd like to share with you here are from those people. The good news is that they are funny and they remind us to count our blessings as we go about today. Enjoy!

1. The Portrait Of Dorian Gray's Sister


If you want to cheer someone up with a painting, it's a good idea to ensure that their portrait doesn't add a couple of centuries to their actual age.

2. The Saddest Sight In The World


Not only does this mean hours of cleaning (because milk products are a pain to clean up), it also means no ice cream. Double disaster.

3. A Pizza Bad Luck


The lesson to be learned here may be "don't take pictures of you with food." Eat the food and then take pictures or put the food down and then take pictures.

4. Eminem Would Be Proud


It's worth noting that eating anything and driving at the same time is a bad idea, but that eating spaghetti and driving is a gloriously awful idea.


5. Beating Your Head Against An invisible Wall


This photo screams for somebody to explain how this happened, but unfortunately, we'll never know. We may have bad dreams about this happening to us tonight.

6. The Painful Porcupine Pop Up


We can't imagine what kind of fickle mood Lady Luck would have to be in to arrange for a porcupine to be above your head and then to fall on you.

7. Water Problem This Could Be


There are days that not watching the news can save us from serious trauma. This was one of those days, maybe the glass is half full... of E-coli.

8. A Complete Cat-astrophe


We figure that the stairs might smell nice, but a crunchy feel won't make it a "Fresh Step." What a terrible time for the bag to break.

9. It's Her Party And She'll Cry If She Wants To


You've got the birthday organized and there are only two problems. You've baked your phone and the cake is inedible. That's really not a win.

10. Just One Number Out Five Times Over


This is what it looks like to miss every single number in the lottery by a single digit. It's karma rubbing your face in things.


11. When Luck Goes Underground


There's nothing to improve being stuck in the ground quite like being interviewed about it, is there? It seems unfair that you couldn't even slink away.

12. Sometimes It Takes A Little Time To Get That Fateful Slap


A happy face on the side of your cup has to say "great day!" but then again, sometimes it simply does not. Time to bust out the cleaning implements and get to grips with Monday.

13. Taking It All In Your Stride


You have to think that this guy is doing much better with being shot with an arrow than we would be. We're sure it was a terrible day, but he looks so calm about it.

14. The Double Whammy From The Vending Machine


We just want to remind you that if you want worse luck from a vending machine, you rock it back and forth until it falls over on you. Don't tempt fate particularly if this happens.

15. The Internet Lied (Again)


It might be a bad idea to believe that because people live in China that they can make your dream dress for $1.99. Here's proof of that. 

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