His Artwork Is Described As "Magical Realism". After Taking One Glance, I Understand Why.

Canadian painter Rob Gonsalves combines the meticulous detail of realistic paintings with a sense of magical whimsy. The result is a mind-bending optical illusion that requires at least a second look. Fall into Gonsalves fantastical world with these incredible paintings.

Dali, Tanguy, Magritte, and Escher were all huge influences.

Gonsalves published “Imagine a Place,” a compilation of his work, in 2008.


Before devoting himself full-time to painting, Gonsalves worked as an architect.

The genre Gonsalves works in is called “magical realism.”

Gonsalves was recently featured at the Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery in Rockville, Maryland.


Gonsalves released a calendar called “Master of Illusion.”

Credit: Imgur | Viral Nova

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