His Co Worker Asked Him To Watch Her Plant For A Few Days. Instead, He Took These Hilarious Photos.

When this Redditor‘s coworker asked him to take care of her plant, this IT guy in Georgia took the request very seriously. He wasn't at the time in his life where he was ready to take on a big commitment and shoulder the responsibility of having his own plant, but he wanted to be a big brother to this plant and show it the ways of the world. Check out this classic, heartwarming “Boy And His Philodendron” story.

He explained that, while it is an acquired taste, starting your day with coffee is just part of living in the grown-up world.

The plant, though young, was precocious and prone to saying the darndest things.

Thankfully, the restroom was philondendron-accessible.

They took a walk in the park and he explained that there are plenty of leaves on the tree, so don't get too hung up on one shrub while you're still young.


Someday, this plant will look back and remember this day “frond-ly”.

He tried teaching it to drive, but the plant may have been too young and still reckless.

The Force is strong with this plant.

The plant even took an internship. It was ambitious and the boy felt that the plant really looked up to him. 

They bonded and formed a team. The plant had natural abilities to charm coworkers and remembered their names with ease.

The plant caught on quickly and had a real head (bulb?) for business.

The plant even caught the attention of the higher-ups. The boy felt the same pride as if the plant had been his own.

The boy passed on his nostalgia for mid ‘90s animation to the plant, who saw it as a cool, if not slightly outdated, historical style.


They bonded in the office, taking time to laugh at the small stuff in life. "But really," the boy pondered, "isn't it all the small stuff?"

At home, the plant showed enthusiasm in partaking in the boy’s cultural traditions.​

And they made time to appreciate the finer things, like art and nature.

The boy was supposed to take care of the plant. But really, it was the plant that took care of him all along.

Credit: Reddit 

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