His Daughter Really Wanted A Toy That Didn't Exist, So He Decided To Create It Himself

When awesome dad Brendan Lee asked his 5-year-old daughter, Sophia, what she wanted for her birthday, she answered without any hesitation. She'd just seen “Big Hero 6” and loved it, especially the character Honey Lemon.

So it was only natural that Sophia wanted Honey Lemon's coolest accessory: her futuristic “chem-ball” purse.

The bad news? Neither Marvel nor Disney have created a toy version of the purse for parents to buy.

So Lee set about building Sophia her very own chem-ball purse.

He created the frame of the purse out of foam.

The control deck for the purse, from which Honey Lemon uses her various chemistry tricks, goes onto the purse.

Then, it was on to the construction of the interior of the purse.

Lots of LED lights.


The purse would have to light up, but needed to be controlled by a very lightweight and portable battery pack.

It's starting to look just like the real thing.

The periodic table control deck.

Now, for the cute and cuddly exterior of the purse.

The purse in progress.

With everything fully assembled, it just needed the finishing details.

The orange wrap and piping add a touch of realism.

The bear pouch goes on.


Almost finished.

One final touch.

The chem-ball straps go on and the purse is ready for gifting.

It looks absolutely incredible and Sophia loves it.

The two even took the purse to Comic-Con together.

Looks like Sophia has her very own big hero in her dad.

Credit: Dose

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