His Idea For A Backyard Seems Crazy At First. But After Seeing The Result? It's Genius

When Reddit user VonBubenberg wanted his family to be able to take a dip in the backyard, he went above and beyond a swimming pool. He read up on the phenomenal thinking behind man-made swimming ponds and set to work. The results are so much more stunning than a concrete pool.

In 2011, at the start of the project, the yard looked like this.

It was a father, daughter and son family effort.

The excavator arrived to really get this endeavor moving. 

The first steps were: dig, dig, and then dig some more.

No word on whether the family dog pitched in or not.

A view of the construction next to the house.

Even his little sister pitched in.


Finally, after the digging was complete... was time to add layers of felt covered by plastic tarps to create the pond floor.

These barrels circulate water for the pond’s filtration system.

Big decorative rocks then line the soft bottom of the swimming pond.

Doesn’t it look professional?

Now it’s ready to be filled with water.

I didn’t expect the “shallow end” shoreline. How gorgeous.


The lights turn on after dark for night swimming.

In spring of 2012, the pond got some new additions.

The next phase? Adding a custom patio to the swimming pond.

Can you imagine looking out from this new patio?

What a gorgeous backyard.

So much better than a swimming pool.

Credit: Imgur

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