His Old Dog House Couldn't Stand Up To The Elements. What He Built Instead Is The Coolest Thing

Rocky's owner wanted to build a place for his canine companion that would have a comfy atmosphere, while providing a lovely spot to soak up the sun. Lounging outside is one of Rocky's favorite things to do, so some extra features on his custom dog house was a must. Especially, living in Southeast Asia, where the warmth is just about year round.

Here is Rocky showing off his custom dog house. His smile speaks louder than words. 

Here is the dog house’s "before" picture. All he had to use was plywood, a drill and a jigsaw for this project.

He assembles the plywood available to him into a lovely little frame. The front wall is slightly slanted, in order to provide maximum ventilation.


With a little help, the bamboo siding is put into place.

He found some bamboo washed up from the shore and used them for the finishing details.

Here is the final installment of the roof, supported by, you guessed it, bamboo.

The roof has only two rows of bamboo stapled down on the back and front. The remaining stalks are supported in the middle by gravity and support pillars.


Next, he cut slits into the bamboo strands, in order to prepare for the best part of the dog house - the green roof.

In order to add some life to the roof, succulents are reused from overgrown plants on his balcony. "Creepers," as they are called, need very minimal maintenance, including water and soil. 

Creativity can be found in every nook and cranny of this little homestead.

Here is the finished product, with Rocky giving a great big smile from the doorway. All that this needs now is a mini neon sign and some coconuts with straws.

Credit: Imgur/iwanebe

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