Home Owner's DIY Bathroom Floor Renovation Yields Stunning Results

A crafty Instructables user named Baldr transformed his bathroom floor into a starry night sky using fiber optics and ingenuity. More gentle for a late-night trip to the bathroom, the stars light your way while letting you keep the harsh overheads off. 

And it makes a soak in the tub seem like a hot spring under the stars.

Each point of light is the end of a fiber optic cable worked into the grout. 

The light source is kept outside the bathroom and the cables are run in under the tile.


Lay the cables first and then tile over them. Remember that you can cut the fiber optics whenever you'd like a light point.

He suggests doing a small test version first, but once your tiles are done and sealed, just cut the fibers with a hot knife.

This isn't his first fiber optic project. He's created a table that's starry by night...

And low-key by day.


Even a set of space age stairs.

Credit: Instructables | Bored Panda

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