Homeless Man's Poetry Helps Change His LIfe

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho lived in anonymity for 35 long years, just one more faceless member of the thousands of people that make up Brazil's homeless population. Every day, he gathered whatever paper he could and honed his skills as a poet and philosopher. He sat in the same spot every day, his "island" as he called it, and every day people walked by without giving him a second thought. To the world, he was just one more dirty old homeless man occupying the streets.

In his wildest dreams he dreamt that maybe his words would be remembered one day, maybe they might be published, but he knew deep down that they would probably never be read by anyone at all. Then, one day, in the spring of 2011, something happened that changed his life forever.

A young woman named Shalla Monteiro took notice of him and befriended the old man. She would stop by every day to chit chat with him, and one day Raimundo gave her one of his poems. She decided to make him a Facebook page so his poems and stories could be shared with others. What happened next is a miracle. Watch the video below to learn more.

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H/T: T-Rax

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