Homeowners Cover Floor With 43,758 Pennies

If you’re like most Americans, somewhere in your home there is a bucket or jar overflowing with spare change. While there might be a few dimes, nickels and even quarters in the mix, chances are the majority are pennies. How do I know? In today’s economy, pennies are not only a hassle – they’re utterly worthless.

Believe it or not, minting a single penny currently costs the U.S. Department of the Treasury roughly two and a half cents. Since 1990, Congress has been divided on whether or not to abolish the penny altogether, but despite recent support from President Barack Obama, the debate rages on. On one side are those who point to historical precedent, such as the discontinuation of the half-cent in 1857. On the other is Jarden Zinc, sole supplier of “penny blanks,” who has fiercely fought to preserve the penny for decades.

While feeling nostalgic about the penny is understandable, keeping it around in an economy where they take the average worker only two seconds to earn and are difficult to spend simply doesn’t make sense. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make good use of them while they are still around. With the value of pennies so low, some creative DIY experts have found some crafty ways to repurpose them. After all, what better way to make use of 43,758 pennies than renovating an entire floor?

It probably wouldn’t have been my first idea either, but Gina Dagastino clearly has an eye for style and design. What she and her family have created is incredibly stunning, and, as it turns out, cheap. Take a look.

In mid-November 2015, they began sticking pennies to their dining room floor. Although legend says that finding a penny head’s up is good luck, Gina decided to go with a mix of heads and tails. 


To make sure they were placed properly, she used a grid. 

By the end of the month, things were really coming along. Gina estimated that the project would take somewhere around 27,000 pennies. Her stockpile included pennies from dozens of decades, and even featured some steel pennies from the 1940s. 

In fact, every square foot contains one buffalo nickel and two steel pennies. Aside from creating an aesthetically-pleasing design, she’s also created a pretty fun game of find-the-penny! 

Portions of the floor ended up being more difficult than imagined, but they stuck to it. 

Although progress slowed during the busy holiday season, the installation was over half way done by Christmas Day. 


To keep the pennies in peak condition and make the floor easy to clean, the final steps included filling spaces with black grout and covering the entire thing with a nice finish. 

By now, Gina had realized it would take a lot more pennies than she originally thought to complete the project – 43,758 in total, to be exact. 

Finally, on January 25th, the floor was done! They haven’t planned exactly what to do in the doorway, but Gina says, “it will be a little bit different.” Judging by this display of hard work and talent, we’re sure whatever she decides is going to be great. 

Via: LifeBuzz | Gina Dagastino

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