Horses Help Heal People's Bodies And Spirits

Horses are pretty remarkable animals. Most people that spend a lot of time around them feel not only a kinship with them but a connection that seems to go deeper than two animals just getting along. As if there was something special about the “spirit” of a horse. This can even be seen symbolically in how horses are used in imagery. Think about the Ford Mustang, for example. Its wild horse logo telegraphs the car’s association with power, speed, freedom and, of course, the joy of driving one.

A fairly new notion these days is that this connection might be a benefit to people coping with disease, mental illness, or disability. Horse therapy is a burgeoning industry and although there is still much research to be done in terms of how effective this therapy is, nobody can argue with the very positive short-term effects of spending time with horses out in nature.

Equinisity Retreat takes that concept a step further. Combining horse therapy with a little more spirituality than most, as well as an incredible pastoral landscape in British Columbia, Equinisity provides more than simple therapeutic sessions. Retreat-goers are encouraged to roam the grounds, interacting with horses in their natural environments and bonding with them. In founder Liz Mitten Ryan’s own words, “these spiritual, healing and personal growth with horses and nature retreats offer reconnection, revitalization and healing, dispelling illusions, shifting consciousness and tuning and raising personal and universal vibration.”

That’s quite a mouthful and quite a promise, but she seems to get nothing but rave reviews from visitors.

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H/T: Liz Mitten Ryan

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