Horses Majestically Pass Gas While Nap

Liz Mitten Ryan is the owner of a special horse retreat called Equinisity. The retreat is famous for its beautiful, natural surroundings and wildlife, including several wild horses. Although the horses at Equinisity have all been raised with plenty of human love and affection, they pretty much have the place to themselves. There is a barn on the premises, but the horses are usually roaming free, since the doors are left open for them to come and go as they please.

One day, as Liz was walking around her 320-acre property, she noticed a strange sound emanating from the barn. She found that several horses had decided to use it as a resting spot after they'd had their lunch - a little afternoon siesta if you will. At first sight, the most remarkable thing is that they're all lying down. Although horses are known for sleeping standing up, they need to lie down in order to get that nice, deep R.E.M. sleep. One of the main deciding factors in whether they lie down or stand up while sleeping is how comfortable they feel. With the way Liz takes such good care of them, it's clear they're all very comfortable here.

Now, that's all well and good, but the real reason this video caught everyone's attention is that sound Liz heard – the one that drew her to the barn in the first place. Well, apparently the horses were digesting their meals in their sleep and the process made them a little...gassy. Rest assured, however, that all of these horses are in good health. Just like people and dogs, horses sometimes get gassy after a meal too, and the best remedy is universal - better out than in!

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H/T: Liz Mitten Ryan

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