Horses Reunite With Dying Veteran

Nobody knows how they will leave this Earth. We don’t get much say in how we go out, but, if you do, make the most of it. With the help of his family and Audie L. Murphy VA hospital in Texas, Roberto Gonzales was able to say goodbye to two very special family members: his beloved horses.

Gonzales is an Army veteran who was paralyzed from a gunshot wound suffered in the Vietnam War in 1970. Despite his paralysis, Gonzales continued to enjoy his life on his ranch in Premont, Texas where he and his wife raised and trained horses for nearly 40 years.

Currently experiencing organ failure, the doctors are not optimistic about Gonzales’ future. The ailing vet has been hospitalized for months at the San Antonio hospital, 150 miles from his home. Despite being surrounded and comforted by his family, there was something, or rather someone, missing. Longing to see his beloved horses, Ringo and Sugar, Gonzales’ family answered the call and brought the pair to the Roberto. Wheeled out in his bed to the hospital’s front doors, Gonzales was finally reunited with dear pets. “I knew it was something he wanted,” Roberto’s wife Rosie Gonzalez says. “The horses felt like seeing him also because they came straight at him, and, actually, I thought that they kissed him.” Although he could barely open his eyes, the touching moment was one not to soon be forgotten by everyone involved.


Here, family members gather around ailing vet, Roberto Gonzalez, as he reunited with horses Ringo and Sugar.

South Texas Veterans Health Care System

Check out the video below for a glimpse of their heartwarming reunion:

VA VIDEO: Horses reunited with dying veteran

A dying veteran was reunited with his horses for the last time. The VA sent #KENS5 this video. Roberto Gonzalez's family requested his horses be taken to the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital so he could see them again. STORY:

Posted by KENS 5 & on Saturday, May 21, 2016

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