"Hot Dad" Joins Daughter For Lip Sync Duet

While on a road trip, Chris O’Mals and his daughter were blasting sweet tunes all the way to their destination. When Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” starts, Chris seemingly couldn’t care less. He remains serious and still while his daughter enthusiastically jams out, lip-syncing along with the pop star. When Pitbull’s rap hits the speakers, though? That’s when everything changes.

Abandoning his stoic facade, Chris goes wild and lip syncs each rap verse. Over three million people have watched Chris' karaoke road trips, and it’s not just the pair’s lip syncing that’s catching everyone’s attention. Women from all over are completely smitten with his rugged good looks. This smooth papa has women everywhere swooning, with one commenter writing, “Can I have a road trip with you Mr. Hottie?” Oh my!

Looks aside, this dad has scored some major cool points with us. Don't let the music stop, guys.

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H/T: Chris O'Mals

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