Hot Tubs At Mystic Springs

Tucked away in the small desert town of Monroe, Utah lies a natural phenomenon that has been delighting travelers for centuries. Hot springs coming out of the ground allows visitors the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime bath and view some of the most beautiful sights in North America. Welcome to Mystic Hot Springs.

The springs in Monroe have been flowing for millions of years, pumping water out of the ground at a temperature of 160 degrees.

The waters lie on the hills overlooking a vast desert, giving visitors a spectacular view.

Antique bath tubs are set up all over the property using the natural hot water.

Don’t worry, they clean the bath tubs every day.


The springs were once called home by nomadic tribes of ancient people.

In 1880, a Mormon couple built an outpost on the site and called it the “Monroe Hot Springs.”

In 1916, the property was bought by Charles Wilkes who turned it into an entertainment destination. Wilkes invited acts traveling to the west coast to stop and perform at his secluded venue.

Today it is owned by Mike Ginsburg, who renamed the spot “Mystic Hot Springs.”

Mike’s goal is to transform the springs into a resort.

There are pioneer-built cabins located all around the area and Mike is renovating these cabins into a small lodge.


The scolding hot water is cooled down by a series of channels it travels through before it reaches the pools and tubs of the resort.

Many visitors have praised the healing powers of the water, doing wonders for sore and aching muscles.

Every day at sunset, an acoustic performance is put on to welcome in the night sky.

The hot springs of Monroe have been a resting spot of weary travelers for centuries. Next time you are on a road trip out west, you might want to consider becoming one of them. 

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