House Cat With The Heart Of A Lion Stares Down An ACTUAL Lion And Refuses To Back Down

Baggy is a house cat who lives at Texas' Center for Animal Research and Education, a long-term care, research, and education center for rescued animals - exotic animals in particular. As a resident, Baggy seems to have gotten pretty used to the many animals that also come through the center. So much so that the cat seems to have no qualms staring down a lion. 

Derek, the human who captured the incredible footage below, tries to warn Baggy not to get into it with something so big. "You will lose," he says to the cat. "Baggy, abort [...] There's nothing to be gained, Baggy," he continues to implore, but Baggy is unfazed and lunges towards the lion several times.

The stare-down ends up in a stalemate because of the fence between them. Still, Baggy seems to have a spring in his step as he walks off into the sunset.

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H/T: BigCatDerek

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