How Ordinary Things Look Insanely Cool Under A Microscope

Jan 18, 2015

A really powerful microscope is the sort of thing nobody would buy for entertainment, yet when you take normal, everyday things and magnify them by a factor of about a bajillion, it's like you're suddenly in a whole new world. Sometimes we forget how intensely weird the world around us can look when viewed under a microscope. Have a look at these everyday things, seen from a whole new perspective.

Banana cross section.

The groove of a vinyl record.


Red blood cells.

Dental floss (slightly used, ew).

The filament inside a lightbulb.

Toothbrush bristles.

Toilet paper... doesn’t look so squeezably soft anymore.

A common housefly’s foot.

Medical sutures.

Human hair with split end. This is a great ad for conditioner.


A spider’s skin.

Snowflakes, each one unique.

Here’s what salt and pepper look like up close.

Salt looks like Mayan pyramids.

Lice. Ew.

The edge of a postage stamp.


Pencil graphite.

Orange juice. That’s just beautiful.

Needle and thread.

Boulders (granules) of instant coffee.

This is what a human sweat gland looks like.


Human eyelashes.

A guitar string. My son’s going to love this one.

A gecko’s foot.

Football jersey.


Dust... looks pretty up close, the bane of my existence in real life.



A blood clot.

It’s especially trippy to think that so many of these things are around us right now. You probably flossed this morning, had some orange juice, and brushed off the dust from your favorite football jersey now that it’s football time again. Just think of what each of those things looks like up close. What a cool world we live in!

Credit: Imgur

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