How To Apply Windshield Repair Resin

What do you do when you get a crack in your windshield? Most people either take into a shop and pay an exorbitant fee or just ignore it and hope the problem doesn't get any worse. Well, the truth is you can do a lot better. Ignoring cracks in your windshield is very dangerous as it can cause serious, long-term damage to your car and become a major safety issue. But, as this video explains, you don't have to take it into a shop either. 

ChrisFix, a YouTuber who dedicates his time helping his viewers with car problems, has a very quick and easy solution to a cracked windshield. The key is stopping it early, you don't want to wait until the crack gets so large it becomes unfixable. Chris explains that all you need is a simple $10 tool kit that you can find anywhere. The kit includes a syringe, resin, and a thumbtack. He combines this with a few other common household items such as an old towel and window cleaner. 

Once he has everything he needs, he begins the process of removing the crack. Chris takes his time to show a detailed step-by-step demonstration of everything you need to do to make your windshield look good as new. When he's done, the ugly chip becomes nothing more than just a speck. It's certainly much better than paying hundreds of dollars at a car shop or waiting for it to get worse. 

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H/T: ChrisFix

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