How To Avoid Mosquito Bites This Summer

Ah, mosquitoes. The only blemish on an otherwise perfect season. Summer is many people's favorite time of the year. Kids are out of school, families go on fun vacations, and the pool is open every day - what's not to love? Unfortunately, it's during these three months of warm weather and backyard cookouts that humanity falls prey to the most aggravating predator of all time - the mosquito.

As we've already seen, mosquitoes tend to pick on some people more than others for a variety of reasons. For those of us with absolutely irresistible blood, our options for defense might seem pretty limited. You can cover your clothes in bug spray, craft yourself a DIY mosquito-repellant candle, or foolishly attempt to tackle the wilderness "au naturel," which we don't recommend.

Fortunately, a man from the YouTube channel Shepherd School has shown us how a single daily dose of Vitamin B1 is a highly effective way to keep mosquitoes away. According to him, Vitamin B1 makes your sweat take on a particular smell that mosquitoes hate. Don't worry, the smell isn't noticeable to other people, just pesky little mosquitoes. Think of it as the opposite of deodorant - an "odorant," if you will. So, this summer, instead of reeking of bug spray at your next cookout, just remember to take your daily dose of vitamins!

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H/T: Shepherd School

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