How To Check Your Facebook's Hidden Inbox

Maybe I'm finally starting to get old, because I'm finding there are more and more technological things that I didn't know about. I haven't used Snapchat in about a year (though I hear it's gotten pretty great now), I'm barely on Instagram or Twitter, and the last big tech purchase I made was an adapter for my Xbox. Meanwhile, my 13-year-old nephew's telling me about how he has 45 followers on YouTube already.

I've been using Facebook since a few months after it first came out, back when it was still exclusively available only to college students with a ".edu" email address. I've seen the site go through a barrage of updates and upgrades, and through it all I figured I had a pretty good handle on what I was doing. I thought I knew most of the features pretty well, but I was somewhat shocked to find out recently that there is a second, hidden inbox that most people don't know about. 

The purpose of this inbox is to screen for spam or messages from people you don't want to see, but the automated filter doesn't work perfectly and so you may have had some relevant messages end up in your "spam" box where you never saw them. Here's how you can access and check through this second inbox to make sure you didn't miss anything important.

First, click the "Settings" button on the messenger app on your phone. This may look a little different depending on the kind of phone you have, but it should generally be in the right-hand corner.


In the menu that appears, click the "People" button.

Next, click the button that says "Message Requests."

This will take you to a screen that may have a whole bunch of messages, often because they're from people who aren't part of your social network. I didn't have anything, but yours may look more like the picture below. Additionally, you may have even more messages in the "See Filtered Requests" section, which is stuff that Facebook thinks is likely to be spam.


To find out how to view filtered messages on your desktop, check out the video below:

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