How To Clean Mold From Around The Bathtub

If you’ve got a bathroom, you’ve likely had to deal with mold at one point or another. It tends to grow in tough-to-reach corners, adding an additional degree of complexity to an already tough problem.

Jessica, author of the blog This Blessed Life, faced this very issue. Mold was growing around the edges of her bathtub and she tried everything to get rid of it. She battled the growing menace for months, with little to show for her efforts. She couldn’t even take out her frustration by scrubbing extra hard, as she had been warned that excessive force might damage the grout under the mold.

Fortunately, after a lot of research, she found her salvation on Pinterest. There, she discovered that the solution to her problem lay in two key items: bleach and cotton beauty coils.

After gathering her materials for the reasonable price of $2, she went to work. She soaked the cotton in bleach, and, using a cotton swab to press it into the corners, she covered a small area of mold. She wanted to start small so she could test the method and judge the results.


Here is Jessica's bathtub before:

Here it is with cotton and bleach applied:

Now the big reveal:


The cotton and bleach method worked wonderfully! She followed up by repeating the same procedure all the way around the tub. For each section, she left the cotton in place overnight.

Now, her tub is pristine! Jessica says that even two months later the mold has yet to return. 

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H/T: This Blessed Life

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