How To Clean Your Entire Home With Denture Tablets

Unless you have dentures, you probably wouldn’t think about buying denture cleaning tablets. After all, why would you need them? They couldn’t possibly be of any service to you, right? Wrong. Denture tablets have a surprising number of other uses up their sleeves. These little fizzy tablets can be used in a handful of ways to clean many household objects you might have.

Check out these 10 alternative uses for denture tablets you can try at home today.

1. Get Rid Of Tomato Stains


Have you ever thrown away perfectly good Tupperware due to ugly stains? Tomatoes are delicious, but these red fruits (yes, they're a fruit) are notorious for leaving unwanted stains behind. Rid your Tupperware of ugly tomato stains by pouring warm water into your container and adding one or two denture tablets. After an hour, your Tupperware should in tip-top shape.

2. Remove Fabric Stains

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The baking soda that comprises denture tablets is what makes them fantastic cleaning agents. This powerful substance is great for re-invigorating old towels. Fill up a bucket with water and add in one or two tablets. Let your old towels soak in the mixture for an hour or two and watch the stains lift away.

3. Clean Slow Cookers

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Slow cookers are fantastic for knocking out big meals - but those big meals can leave big messes. To clean out your slow cookers, let them soak in some warm water and one or two denture tablets. You should see the grime lift right off your slow cooker after an hour.

4. Clean Coffee Makers


Coffee can leave behind pesky marks on your teeth and your coffee maker. Keep your brewers fresh by dropping two tablets into the tank and letting the water run as normal. Rinse thoroughly with water two more times to make your coffee maker look good as new.


5. Clean Toilet Bowls


Nobody likes to clean the toilet, but denture tablets could make this chore easier. Plop two or three tabs into your bowl and let them soak for an hour. Scrub up with your toilet brush for a fresh, clean bowl.

6. Refresh Nails

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Don't have time to go to the nail salon? Give your nails a bath in some warm water and a denture tablet. Soaking like this for 30 minutes can restore your nails and get rid of any yellowing.

7. Clean Shower Heads


Get rid of grime and hard water stains from your showerheads by dropping one or two tabs into a Ziplock bag. Tie the bag over your shower head and let it go to work for an hour. You'll love the results.

8. Freshen Up Shoes


Your shoes are going to get smelly, no exceptions. De-stink your favorite kicks by setting them in a bowl with warm water and three denture tablets. This 30-minute bath will leave them nice and fresh.

9. Clean Narrow Bottles

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Water bottles are almost impossible to clean by hand. Their narrow necks make it hard to give them a good, deep clean. Fight back by pouring warm water and a denture tablet into your bottle. Let it soak for an hour for fantastic results.


10. Clean Jewelry


Don't buy an expensive jewelry cleaner when denture tablets work just as well. Drop your favorite jewelry into a bowl of warm water and add in one tablet. Thirty minutes later, you've got yourself some seriously shiny bling.

11. Clean Out Hydration Packs


For avid hikers, hydration backpacks are essential. Keep your drinking water clean by routinely washing your backpack's water bladders. Fill up your bladder with water and one or two tabs and let it soak for an hour. 

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