How To Create A "Distressed" Look On Wood Using Vaseline And Some Paint

Growing up, there were a lot of trends that I never fully understood. Parachute pants, for instance - what's up with that? Sure, MC Hammer was great, but the parachute pants? Come on, man. Another trend I never understood (even though I happily participated in it) was the whole "distressed" look. I liked the look, but I just couldn't come to terms with buying pre-ripped jeans from a store, and often having those jeans be more expensive than regular jeans. I'm paying more money to look like I have less money? Get out of here (I'm looking at you, Hollister & Fitch)! 

As I said though, even though I didn't like the economics of paying more for something that was basically just professionally destroyed, I did like the actual aesthetic of it. I think when it comes to distressing stuff, the whole point should be that it went through all that wear and tear with you over various misadventures. Failing that, you should, at least, have distressed it on your own. Not only is it cheaper to do, it's also more personal and you have way more control over the final look. Seriously, wouldn't you rather have a great story about the time you spent 3 hours sandpapering the knees of your jeans and then washing them repeatedly for another 5 hours instead of paying $90 to some designer?

The distressed look is also pretty popular in home decor. It gives a lot of pieces a certain rustic, vintage charm. Many of these kinds of pieces are actually  vintage items that have been dug up at yard sales and flea shops, or rummaged from people's attics and basements. If you don't quite have the patience to go hunting for antiques, however, you can easily get a distressed look at home. All it takes is some Vaseline, some paint, and a cloth.

Check out the video below to learn more.

H/T: Sincerely, Sara D.

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