How To Fix A Zipper

We've all been there. You go to zip up your favorite hoodie and it won't zip. "Oh no," you say. You love this hoodie and you don't want to toss it out. Well have no fear! The days of throwing away your clothes with broken zippers are gone thanks to this helpful video.

Our friends over at UCAN Zippers are zipper experts and they put together this helpful how-to for the next time you need some zipper assistance. Just follow this guide and your clothes will be back at 100% in no time.

See, a zipper only works when the teeth are making interlocking contact. If that stops happening, you stop having a functional zipper. Grab a clamp or a pair of pliers and squeeze the bottom of the slider back together. Don't squeeze too hard. Voila! Your zipper works again.

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H/T: AWM | UCAN Zippers USA

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