How To Freeze Avocados For A Rainy Day

Jodi Brown runs a YouTube channel devoted to improving the quality of life of her viewers. She has numerous videos dedicated to diet and health. One of the most useful involves her method for making the most out of your avocados.

Avocados can be frustrating fruits to keep around the house (yes, they are a fruit, though I had to Google it to be certain). They have a very tiny window wherein they are perfectly ripe. Even if you catch them at the prime of their green lives, any leftovers quickly turn brown. These troubles are only magnified when avocados are out of season.

Jodi has a simple solution for us. She uses half an avocado every day in a smoothie and needed an easy way to preserve the remaining half for another time. When she catches avocados on sale (only organic ones, please!) she buys them in bulk. Then she cuts them all in half, removes the pits, and scoops out the pulp of each one individually onto a cookie sheet. She then proceeds to freeze them, so that when she needs a perfectly healthy avocado, she can produce one on command! Jodi takes care to arrange them separately on the sheet to avoid them all freezing into an unmanageable clump.

Here is what some of her viewers have said about her idea:

"Such a simple and brilliant idea! I usually freeze bananas and other items for my smoothies, but never thought about freezing avocados. Love it! Thanks for sharing!"

"I let so many avocados go to waste. Not anymore! This is great!"


"Great idea! I am going to try this, Thanks for sharing."

See what all the fuss is about! Check out the video below to witness her process firsthand, and to hear her other simple tips for avocado preservation.

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H/T: Jodi Brown

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