How To Keep Your Kids Safe When You Go Out In Large Crowds This Summer

Now that it's summertime, it's also summer vacation time. Parents everywhere are finding themselves having to constantly find new ways to keep their kids active and entertained - all day, every day. That can be a bit of a struggle for the best of us, but summer is also a great time to visit parks, aquariums, zoos, and concerts, all of which really help keep your kids busy.

Unfortunately, these types of places tend to be pretty crowded. Given most children's natural propensity to wander, it's not exactly any parent's dream scenario.

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As most parents can probably attest to, it's really not hard to momentarily lose track of your child, even in your own home. Crowded public areas only make the problem worse. While it's not a pleasant thought for any parent, it's important to think about and prepare for the possibility of losing your child in a crowd. In case the unthinkable ever were to happen, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

In preparation for an upcoming festival last year, the Clovis Police Department in California posted a pretty helpful tip for parents. As a friendly summer reminder, they just re-posted it:

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If you're going to take your child to a large public event this summer, write your phone number down on your child's wrist, then cover with a liquid band-aid to keep it from smearing or wiping off. That way, if your child happens to approach someone for help, they can quickly get in touch with you.

The officers also advise parents to take a picture of your child in the morning/before you go out into a big crowd. That way, you'll have an image of exactly what your child looked like on that same day, making them much easier to identify.

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