How To Knit An Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes Without Any Knitting Needles

Now that the weather's getting cold again, sweaters and scarves are here to stay for a while. A nice cozy scarf might be one of my favorite winter accessories, because it keeps you nice and warm, while also being quite stylish! These bulky infinity scarves are especially cozy, and while you could go out and buy one, why not try making it at home for pennies on the dollar?

I know, I know. You might be like me and think "Knitting is impossibly complicated, so what exactly are you suggesting?" I totally get it, because I'm completely inept when it comes to traditional knitting. But the "arm knitting" technique shown here literally just requires that you have wool and a pair of arms. Even I can hack that!


  • 4 skeins bulky yarn (~130 feet long, and roughly 0.25 lbs in weight)
  • Your own hands!


  1. Start by casting out a few feet of yarn.
  2. Using your arm as an anchor, wrap and knot the yarn around your wrist.
  3. Separate two strands with your thumb and pointer finger so that the yarn becomes taut under your thumb. Loop your anchor hand under the yarn on your thumb to create the next row.
  4. Repeat to create six rows.
  5. Now, take the top loop from your anchor hand and loop it around the other wrist. Repeat step 3 on the left hand to create another six rows.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 back and forth until your scarf is the desired length and thickness.

This project takes roughly half an hour to complete and is pretty much the perfect way to spend a rainy autumn afternoon indoors. You could even make several to give out as gifts in the winter!

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H/T: Tip Hero

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