How To Maintain Your Shoes And Keep Your Feet Healthy

Our feet are subject to all kinds of stresses and pressures every single day. Not only do they carry the entire weight of our bodies, but they are also constantly bound by shoes that are not always comfortable. Shoes with heels are especially straining on our feet, and they force feet to walk in one of the most unnatural and harmful ways.

Moreover, our beloved shoes also take a figurative beating regularly. They get dirty, scuffed, and worn out in an effort to protect our feet from the very same afflictions. Sometimes, they can even get quite odorous. A good pair of shoes is a crucial investment to protect the well-being of our feet, so it is important to take good care of both of them. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that both your feet and your shoes stay happy:

Restoring The White Brim On Shoes

If you've ever had white shoes, you know how easily they can attract dirt on its surface. Instead of just wiping them with water, which you probably found to be quite ineffective, try the method above.

Removing Tarnish From Leather Shoes

The above video demonstrates how easy and efficient it can be to clean tarnish off of leather shoes with just a few simple household items. All you need is some soapy water and rubbing alcohol, and your leather shoes will be good as new.

Getting Rid Of Shoe Odors

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Shoes inevitably accumulate bacteria, which result in offensive odors. To help prevent odors from building up, sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes and leave it in overnight. In the morning, your shoes will be fresh and clean on the inside.

Eliminate Scratches And Stains From Suede

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Stains and scratches have a way of clinging onto suede, which can be problematic to clean or remove. Next time, try rubbing the problem area with a soft cloth, and then gently brush the spot with a nail file or extra-fine sandpaper. As long as you are careful with the approach, you should be able to remove those blemishes.

Destroy Bacteria And Odor With Vinegar

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Soaking your shoes in vinegar may seem counterintuitive, as vinegar itself has quite a strong smell. However, vinegar possesses powerful antiseptic properties that are very effective in killing bacteria - including the odor that it causes. Simply mix two cups of vinegar with two gallons of water, then soak your shoes in the solution for a few hours. While you may want to take caution with more expensive shoes, this is the perfect remedy for smelly gym shoes.


Polishing Leather Shoes

Save money on pricey shoe-shining products by polishing your leather shoes at home with just a few common household items. Shining your own shoes is typically a very laborious task, but this method gives awesome results with minimal effort. See for yourself in the video above.

Absorbing Stains From Suede


Some people swear by this method to remove grease from suede: simply rub some cornmeal onto the grease spot, then leave it on to soak up the oils overnight. In the morning, brush off the debris from the shoe, and they should be good as new. Repeat if necessary.

Dirt and stains are not the only problems that plague our shoes. Even the shiniest, prettiest shoes are pointless if you cannot wear them comfortably. Here are some fantastic and effective pointers to ensure that you can show off your fancy kicks all day long:

Break In New Shoes With Heat

New shoes come with their own set of problems sometimes. If you find that your brand new heels are uncomfortably tight, this video will show you a foolproof way to break into them comfortably.

Stretch Out New Shoes With Ice

Another effective method to help stretch out tight shoes is by placing a Ziploc bag of water into each shoe and leaving them in the freezer overnight. The freezer will allow the bags of water to slowly expand as they form into ice, which will help to gently and gradually stretch out the shoes. In the morning, take the shoes out of the freezer and let them sit in room temperature for 20 minutes before removing the bags. Your shoes should feel much more comfortable.

Adding Traction To The Soles

In this video, you'll see how easy it is to add some traction to slippery shoe soles simply by rubbing the bottom with some sandpaper. In just a few easy steps, you will have new confidence in wearing your shoes anywhere you please.

Preventing Blisters


We have all felt betrayed by some of our favorite shoes when they give us painful blisters. Regain confidence in showing off your best shoes by applying some clear gel deodorant to the blister-causing areas. It will act as a lubricant to prevent the friction that results in blisters.


Taping Your Toes When Wearing Heels

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This is another method that many people swear by. When in heels, a lot of pressure is put on the nerves in your toes. Try taping your third and fourth toes together (or your second and third toes, alternatively) with some tape. This should alleviate some of the strain on your feet and help you feel more comfortable in heels.

Waterproofing Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are so comfortable, but they leave your feet quite vulnerable to getting soaked when it rains or snows. You can easily waterproof them by rubbing a coat of beeswax over the entire surface, then running a blow-dryer over it to fuse the substance with your shoes.

Relieving Painful Blisters

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While it's always good to execute preventive measures for blisters, sometimes they can still plague us. When that happens, there are a number of remedies to help soothe the pain. If you have some aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar lying around the house, try applying some to the problem areas to reduce inflammation and redness. Alternatively, you can also soak your feet in black or green tea, as they have quite powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can also relieve the pain.

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