How To Make A Photo Cube Out Of Old CD Cases

If you had told me in the late 1990s that CDs were about to become obsolete, I never would have believed it. In those days, CDs were king. Remember Tower of Records? The once big-box store doesn't exist anymore, but the sprawling, multi-levels of merchandise used to be something straight out of a music lover's dream. If we want to hear a song today, we simply download it to our phone or play it via Spotify or YouTube, but, in the old days, finding music could be a challenge! Like many audiophiles, I bought hundreds, maybe even thousands of compact discs in an effort to have all my favorite music at my fingertips. 

Then, the iPod hit the market. Slowly, my CDs made their way to the closet. When my CD player broke several years ago, I didn't bother buying a new one. Even all the cases, with their unique art and behind-the-scenes booklets are now collecting dust. At this point, they are basically worthless, but throwing them away doesn't feel quite right. 

If this sounds familiar, you'll definitely want to check out this next DIY from Jamie Petitto. After moving from Los Angeles, California to Washington state, she digitized her music collection in an effort to downsize, and was left with a ton of old cases. Rather than toss them in the garbage, she came up with a clever idea that not only reuses the cases, but breathes new life and fun into any space in your home that's begging for a little extra décor. 

First, Jamie gathered five empty CD cases and removed their original album art.  

It's important to make sure that you choose cases that are not cracked or broken in any way. As for the album art, I choose to insert mine into an old CD carrying case. The slots should be just the right size to store the booklets without harming them. 

Next, she printed four pictures and inserted them into the empty cases. 

Most CD cases measure five inches by five inches, but you may want to measure yours with a ruler to be sure. Jamie used pictures directly from Instagram, and, since they are always formatted in a square, all she had to do was resize them and print, which can be done using any photo editing software. However, you could also use pictures you already have or print some the old-fashioned way at Costco, Walmart, or anywhere else that offers photo services. 


Now it's time to glue! 

Jamie used a mix of superglue and hot glue – either one works, but you might want to have both on hand. 

Five CD cases, with one functioning as the base, were then glued together. 

Start by lying one case on a flat surface – this will be your base. Next, apply glue to the bottom of a second case and attach it to the base. Rotate, and do the same on the other side, as pictured above. Lastly, apply glue to the sides of the two upright cases, and stick your remaining two cases to either side to form a perfect cube. 

Apply superglue to any spots that appear wobbly. 

You want the finished product to be sturdy, as this DIY isn't going out of style anytime soon. Each CD case can be opened and the pictures changed out at any time, making the possibilities endless! 

If you only have four CD cases, simply skip the base. 

You might want to ask a friend or relative to provide an extra set of hands, as you'll have to hold the cases upright while applying glue. 


Super cute, right? 

Jamie made several with different themes, such as the dog cube above. Whether you decide to keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, it's a great way to get use out of something you never thought you'd use again. 

Adding a flower or two transforms the cube into a stylish centerpiece. 

While it's great for everyday use, it would also be a fun pop of personality into an event, such as a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party! 

Or, you can use it to store office supplies. 

You can place supplies directly into the cube, or place a small cup inside to hold them together. But wait, there's more! We haven't even started stacking our cubes or shown you how to display panoramic art. 

To see this, and more, check out the video below. 

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