How To Make An Awesome, DIY Survival Kit That Fits Inside An Ordinary Pill Bottle

Imagine you get lost in the middle of the woods while on a hiking trip. What are some of the essential supplies that you would need for survival? Now, imagine how big of a bag you would need to carry all of those items.

What if there was a way to carry essential items with you in a pocket sized survival kit? Even better, what if all the items in the kit could be gotten very cheaply, or even for free? This is a brilliant way to turn items that you probably already have into a useful survival kit that could one day save your life.

All we need to begin is an empty medicine bottle. Clean it out and remove the label.

Lighting is absolutely essential, especially when it can get pitch black in some parts of the woods.

If you need to light a fire, matches are a must.

Attach a striker strip to the inside of the bottle's lid using super glue. This makes it convenient to strike your matches.


It's also a good idea to keep a backup lighter.

A piece of candy can save your life. If you're stranded somewhere, blood sugar can begin to dip, which is especially dangerous for diabetics.

Aluminium foil has a hundred different uses, like keeping food warm, repairing electronics, and most importantly, signaling for help.

They seem like simple items, but safety pins are extremely helpful for keeping gauze around a wound, making a sling, or digging out a splinter.

Sanitizing hand wipes can help clean wounds and prevent them from getting worse.

Rather than packing your entire tube of antibiotic ointment, cut a straw the size of your bottle and fill it with the medicine. Then, seal both ends with a lighter.


Fabric bandages are durable, and help keep dirt out of wounds while you are on the go.

Arrange all of your supplies, and pack them neatly into your empty medicine bottle.

If you still have room left over, consider adding more items such as a fishing hook, fishing wire, strips of duct tape, gauze, tweezers, or a small pocket knife.

And there you have it: a complete survival kit with everything you need that fits into your pocket, backpack, or glove compartment.

Credit: Little Things | Instructables

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