How To Make An Easter Bunny Cake

What special occasion would be complete without a cake? Cakes are great for everything, from weddings to birthdays to even holidays like Christmas. Maybe it's because a delicious slice has a way of putting a smile on anyone's face, but they always seem to be the staple dessert whenever it's time for a celebration or holiday.

March is well underway, and the next holiday coming up is Easter. Even though it has its origins in Christianity, Easter is starting to be celebrated by people from all cultures all over the world. In a way that is reminiscent of Christmas, festivities usually involve spending time with family – and what could be more important than that?

While bringing a conventional cake is a great idea for Easter, why not make this year's celebration something to remember? Using only a few extra steps, Jenny Steffens Hobick, of the blog Everyday Occasions, has come up with a great technique to turn a conventional cake into something special – an Easter Bunny cake. Though we have seen Easter-themed cakes before, this one exudes a level of elegance that will make your friends and family think you spent loads of money buying it from a bakery.

And really, who could blame them for thinking that when you present them with a cake that looks like this?


In Jenny's blog post, she provides the directions for making her preferred type of cake. You can find the steps for that here, but feel free to substitute it with your favorite recipe or cake mix. The important part is that you choose something that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy. Once your cake is baked and has cooled off, cut it in half.

Next, cover the top of one of the halves with a generous coating of icing. Make sure that it is as even as possible, and then place the non-frosted half on top of it. After you've completed that, take a rectangular piece of cardboard and cover it in parchment paper. The board should be big enough so that the flattened side of the cake can completely rest on it.

Put a layer of icing on the board covered with parchment paper, and flip the flat side of the cake onto it. It should resemble a cake taco at this point.

Afterwards, take a knife and begin to shape the head of the bunny as seen below. Be careful to not press down too firmly on the cake, as you don't want to squish it or cause it to fall apart.


Once you are happy with the basic shape of your bunny, cover the entire thing with icing. The icing will give the bunny its base color. Jenny chose to go with the classic white, but feel free to make your bunny brown, pink, yellow, or whatever color your heart desires.

Now it's time to add some special toppings. Take some coconut shavings and completely cover your cake with it. If you don't like coconut, you can also use chocolate or white chocolate shavings. You can even add another layer of icing and distress it with a fork to resemble tufts of fur.

Jenny used some Spanish moss to create some faux grass around the bunny. Then, she decorated it with a few hard-boiled eggs and added bunny ears that she made out of textured cardstock.

And just like that, you have the perfect Easter treat! To learn more about the details of this project, be sure to check out Jenny's blog post.

H/T: NX2 | Everyday Occasions By Jenny Steffens Hobick

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