How To Make An Easter Egg Mirror

DIY home projects have become a big trend recently, and we couldn't be happier about it. These projects allow you to create something truly unique for your house that showcases your own hard work and creativity - much better than going to IKEA and buying the first thing off the rack. Another obvious benefit of DIY projects is all the money you can save. If you know a thing or two about upcycling, then you know that most everything you need to build that next great piece of furniture or decoration is already in your house - if you know where to look.

One very simple way to improve your interior decorations is by adding mirrors. You could go to Crate & Barrel and pick up something fancy, but that would cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to the magic of DIY, however, you have another option. Holly, from the blog Creatively Living, has come up with must-see project that will make you want to go out and start working on it right now. 

All you need to get started is a small mirror, cardboard, spray paint, and plastic eggs. How do all of these things come together? Scroll down to see the step-by-step process. 

Holly had a small mirror in her house that she wanted to turn into something much bigger. 

She started by laying the mirror down on a piece of cardboard and outlining the shape. 

Then, she proceeded to cut out the tracing, leaving six inches of extra space around the outside. 


She then cut Easter eggs in half and began to place them around the outside of the mirror.

Holly used hot glue to make sure all of the plastic eggs stayed in place. 

When she ran out of eggs, she used styrofoam oranges to fill in the gaps.

Once all the eggs were in place, she put the mirror back in the center.

It might look goofy right now, but what makes this project really work is the final step. She used black spray paint over the colorful decorations to give the mirror a sleek and stylish look. 


After a final coat of paint, the mirror was ready to be hung up on the wall.

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H/T: Creatively Living

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