How To Make Crock-Pot Pizza

For many people, pizza is a staple of their eating habits. I know I never would have survived college without my frequent late-night pizza runs. Even today, no week is complete without at least one frozen pizza thrown into my oven. As much as I love pizza, though, I've never quite gotten the hang of making one myself. I've tried plenty of times and it hardly ever turns out the way I planned - not to mention, it always seems to leave a huge mess in my kitchen. 

Well, my quest for a perfect homemade pizza recipe may have come to an end thanks to this genius idea from Sara of the blog Average Betty. Her secret? Use a Crock-Pot, or a slow cooker, to bake the pizza. It might sound strange, but once you see how she does it, you'll want to try it for yourself. 

Sara made her pizza with store-bought dough and sauce from a can. Keep reading to see the step-by-step instructions of how to create this delicious masterpiece. 

Before you start cooking, it's important to place some parchment paper inside the Crock-Pot, as seen below. The paper will act as a sort of sling that will make it much easier to pull out the pizza when it's done. 


Once the dough is ready, press it to the bottom of the pot. Make sure to leave room around the edges so you can form the crust.

Then, you can spread your sauce. Sara uses store-bought red sauce, but you can make your own, or use whatever sauce you'd like.

Next, it's time to lay down the cheese and whatever toppings you'd like. Sara opted for a traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza, but you can do just about anything you can think of.


Now it's time to let this baby cook. Sara recommends leaving it in the Crock-Pot for an hour on a high setting, then opening the lid to wipe off any condensation that may have formed. Once the lid is cleaned, let it cook for another half hour.

Just look at how beautiful this pie is. 

Is your mouth watering right now? Mine sure is. I think I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. You can watch Sara explain the process in more detail by watching the video below. 

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H/T: AverageBetty

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