How To Make Glow-In-The-Dark Nightlight Jars

At one point or another, every child was afraid of the dark. The lack of one your most important senses, combined with a fear of the unknown, can make any situation in the dark incredibly terrifying. Though these fears are irrational, kids can have some pretty crazy imaginations.

Referred to as nyctophobia, this fear can sometimes lead to issues with sleep. It may seem like an innocent problem, it has the potential to snowball into something much bigger. Depending on the level of fright experienced, children can suffer from an excessive amount of nightmares leading to bed-wetting, daytime exhaustion, and other symptoms associated with irregular sleep.

Parents should address nighttime fears as soon as they arise. In a WebMD article, Dr. Mary Dobbins – a pediatrician and child psychiatrist in Springfield, Illinois – says, "Reassure your child that his fear of the dark is normal, but don’t get frustrated just because you know what he’s afraid of doesn’t really exist. Don’t say this is stupid, or belittle or tease. While the monsters may not be real, the fear is.”

It's important to support your child in his/her time of need, and a great​ ​way of doing this is by allowing the use of "security objects." Things like teddy bears and security blankets can go a long way in bringing comfort to a child, but one of the most common solutions is the use of a nightlight. While almost any source of light will do, fun nightlights bring a sense of ease and lightheartedness to a nighttime routine. What could be more fun than making one of your very own?


To make your own nightlights, all you will need is a few jars and a couple packages of party glow sticks. Any kind of jar will do, but using different shapes and sizes can really make your project stand out.

Be sure to use gloves during this DIY. The contents of some glow sticks can be very toxic, so try to find non-toxic ones if possible.

After snapping the stick to make it start to glow, use a pair of scissors to carefully snip off the ends.

Once the glowing goo starts to flow out, insert the stick into your selected jar.


Rub the glowing material all over the inside walls of the jar until the stick is empty.

The end result should look something like this:

You can even add items like flower petals inside, but remember not to add anything that will be used after the nightlight is finished. You don't want frequently used items to come into contact with anything that could be toxic.

Via: Jumble Joy | Just DIY

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