How To Make Light-Up Jars

One of the most common fears for any child is being scared of the dark. Heck, I'm an adult, and I still sometimes get freaked out when I walk through my house late at night. Usually, the best way to combat this fear is with a trusty nightlight. These glowing security blankets will let your mind rest easy when you're lying in bed. Nightlights come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from a small lamp to glowing stars pinned to the ceiling. 

If you're looking for a truly unique and inexpensive nightlight, you might want to check out this genius idea from vloggers Brooklyn and Bailey. Together, they show off their DIY "Galaxy Glow Jars," the coolest nightlight this side of the universe. All you need are glow sticks, mason jars, scissors, and straws. You should also use some gloves and goggles for safety purposes. The first step is to crack the glow sticks to make them light up, and then use the scissors to cut both sides so that the liquid can drip into the jar. 

We'll let Brooklyn and Bailey show you what to do from there, but we can guarantee that you and your kids will be ecstatic with the end result. The great thing about these nightlight jars is that you can customize them to your heart's content, and no two jars will ever look the same. No doubt, your new room will be an out-of-this-world experience. 

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H/T: Brooklyn and Bailey

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