How To Make Your Own DIY Play Kitchen

If your child is a little Gordon Ramsay in the making, Tara Dennis has come up with the perfect way to help them get started on their path toward becoming a celebrity chef. In this video, she shows us how to make an adorable play kitchen for little chefs to practice cooking.

YouTube is full of people turning used furniture into quirky objects, but Tara's DIY project is really something special. Remember the Easy-Bake Oven from when you were a kid? Well, Tara does one better by building an entire play kitchen out of an old, beat-up coffee table. She uses simple hardware tools and paint to build a beautiful, bite-size cooking area for her kids to use. It's a lot of fun just watching as she transforms a boring old piece of furniture into a colorful play area where her kids can really unleash their inner foodie.

And, best of all, she walks us through the steps in a way that's very easy to understand, even for those of us who may not have the fondest memories of shop class. Follow Tara's steps and you too can build your kids a practice kitchen where they can hone their craft until Master Chef comes calling. 

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H/T: Better Homes and Gardens

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