How To Pick Out A Ripe Watermelon

It’s summertime - the weather’s hot and the livin’ is easy. Of course, there are always some tips and tricks out there to make it even easier.

Everybody hates a bad watermelon. If you have trouble picking out a good watermelon at the supermarket, don't worry, because you're not alone. Dan, the produce manager at the Waterfront Hy-Vee in Iowa City, says that customers are always asking him how to pick out a ripe watermelon. Dan is what you might call a "watermelon connoisseur," and, luckily for us, he’s got some insider tips on how to tell the difference between a good melon and a bad one.

In this video, he explains that if you want to know how fresh your watermelon is, you’ve got to pay it some special attention. He suggests you look at it, feel it, and … listen to it. Yes, that’s right! Dan says you can tell a lot about a melon's freshness by the way it sounds when you knock on it. It's weird to think that most of us have been eating watermelon our whole lives, but never learned these simple tricks.

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H/T: Waterfront Hy-Vee

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