How To Properly Clean Your Dishwasher

When it comes to doing chores, dishwashing is one of the most frequently occurring tasks on the list. Unlike most cleaning that can be done once a week, dishes tend to pile up almost every day - particularly if you have a big family or tend to cook at home a lot. So, many of us will resort to using the dishwasher in order to cut down on the time spent in front of the sink. For something that you have to do on a regular basis, every bit of time saved can really add up!

Even though your dishwasher can be a lifesaver, it will require some occasional care and maintenance - just like your car or any other appliance. Over time, the inside of your dishwasher can accumulate a lot of soap scum, food scraps, and grime that can cause odors. That's why you'll need to give your dishwasher a good cleanse every few months so that it can continue producing perfectly clean dishes. After all, you wouldn't want to use cups and dishes that came from a dishwasher full of grime and bits of food in the drain, right?

Thankfully, Jill from One Good Thing By Jillee has a simple and efficient way to give your dishwasher a thorough cleaning every six months. Don't worry - it's super easy and doesn't take much time!

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H/T: One Good Thing by Jillee

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