How To Repurpose A Slatted IKEA Bed Base

IKEA is popular among first-time homeowners and renters, and not just because it's affordable. In a culture where the average person has up to seven different careers in his or her lifetime, it's safe to say that we also tend to move quite a bit! Personally, I've already moved four times since college, once even crossing state lines. There's nothing quite like trucking down the highway with everything you own to really make you think about what material items you truly can't live without. 

The great thing about IKEA furniture, however, is that it is versatile. As life, jobs, and housing arrangements change, IKEA changes with you. In fact, there's even an entire website dedicated to IKEA life hacks! We thought we'd seen it all when a father built his daughter a bed from IKEA kitchen cabinets, but, after seeing this DIY from Kristina Steinmetz, it's clear that we still have a lot to learn. 

Steinmetz, who runs the blog Ich Designer, starts with an IKEA Sultan Lade slatted bed base, which can be purchased for around $9.99. Instead of placing a mattress on top, however, she hangs the bed base on her wall. While that sounds odd, it's actually the perfect storage space for any room in the house. Keep reading to see how she and other bloggers have hacked IKEA's slatted bed base to make something that we're truly envious of. 

Here's the bed base performing its usual (boring!) duty. The Sultan Lade slatted bed base is a popular item, as it can be used with a variety of mattress types, including spring, latex, or foam. 


Kristina had a better idea, though. She removed her mattress and … 

Ich Designer

... hung the bed base on her office wall! Sturdy hooks provide the necessary support, while smaller hooks and baskets add storage space. 

Ich Designer

But Kristina didn't stop there. She also wanted to see how it would look on her bathroom wall. The “floating” shelf has plenty of room for essentials, but doesn't take up much space. 

Ich Designer


The same was true when she hung it in the kitchen! It really is a genius idea, as this space would otherwise be wasted. 

Ich Designer

Last but not least, Kristina tried it out in her closet. Finally, there was a place for all those random items, like shoes, scarves, and purses. 

Ich Designer

Others have repurposed IKEA bed bases in different ways. This family added a coat of blue paint to theirs, and installed it as an impromptu coat closet. More details are here

IKEA Hackers

Meanwhile, this family has made a space especially for the kids. Parents, if you have a ton of shoes, coats, and bags clogging up your entryway, this one is for you! 


Or maybe you're a single lady who loves showing off her collection of jewelry. Don't worry – we have a bed base hack for you, too. 

IKEA hackers


You don't have to hang the bed base on your wall to create a fun and functional piece of furniture. Others have used the slats to build a wooden chest (click here for details) …

Ikea Hackers

… an artistic, fold-up chair … 

Mark Baker Studios

…. and even a desk! If that's not versatility, I don't know what is. To see how it was done, click here


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