How To Tell How Fresh The Eggs At The Grocery Store Really Are

I'm not a daily routine kinda guy, but one thing I love to eat is eggs. I'll eat eggs anytime of the day and with just about anything. I drop/poach some in my ramen soups, scramble one into a stir fry, use one to top off a burger or sandwich and, of course, have one sunny side up with my toast. Eggs are absolutely delicious and even though they're a little high in cholesterol, they're a great source of healthy protein. 

Unfortunately, for the majority of us, the eggs we get from our supermarkets are but a pale shadow of real, farm fresh eggs that are straight from the chicken coop. The problem with most store-bought eggs is that they are far from "Farm Fresh," despite what the happy farmer logos on the cartons may wish to suggest.

In this video by the J&J Acres YouTube channel, we learn about a product code that most consumers may not be aware of. On every carton of eggs is the "best by/sell by" date that we are all used to, but there are also some other numbers. These numbers represent the day of the 365-day year they were packed. For instance, "001" would mean packed on January 1, while "365" would mean packed on December 31. By looking at this number, you can get an idea of roughly how old those eggs already are before you take them home.

The host of the video mentions this as well. "344 - that means that the eggs were put into the package on day 344 of a calendar year." The expiration date on the package said January 23rd. 

By doing the math, we can see that the eggs were packaged 41 days ago! What?!?

Although UDA standards stipulate that "Expiration dates can be no more than 30 days from the day the eggs were packed in the carton," that doesn't tell us how old the eggs already were at the time of packaging.

The host tells the audience to try local eggs instead. They're fresher, sometimes cheaper, and much tastier. "I guarantee you that if you find a local egg producer, a little family farm that’s selling eggs, buying a dozen eggs from them is going to mean the world to them."

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