How To Trim Your Own Side Bangs

I consider myself a pretty self-sufficient person. I cook most of my own meals, make minor repairs to my apartment, and even cut my own hair. It's that last point that usually makes people squirm, and it's no wonder why. People take their hair seriously, so the idea of putting their luscious locks in the hands of anyone other than a professional is pretty scary. Granted, I only give myself buzz cuts, so it's not like I'm doing salon-quality work over my bathroom sink. Anything other than a buzz cut, though, and I'd be too afraid that I would end up with half of my head missing.

While you may not feel comfortable giving yourself a brand new 'do, there are a few simple things you can do at home to make your hair look better, like trimming your bangs. Professional makeup artist and stylist Camila Bravo has a quick and easy tutorial for trimming your side bangs when a trip to the salon just isn't in the cards. According to her description, she's been trimming her bangs this way "since forever ago," so at least you know her method is time-tested.

The short video, which she posted to her highly-successful Instagram account, shows her twisting her bangs into a thin ponytail in front of her face. At first, I was worried she didn't know what she was doing, but as soon as she made one precise cut, all my doubts faded away. For those of you who only trust professional hairstylists to do something like this, Camila's video might be difficult to watch.


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