How To Turn A Pallet Into A Planter

Wood pallets have been taking the Internet by storm lately. They might not look like much at first, but these big wooden structures are actually holding a lot of hidden potential. It's not like wood is too expensive to begin with, but we always love an opportunity to use recycled materials around our homes. This summer, wood pallets might just be the key to entertaining a big group in your backyard. From hanging hammock beds to above ground pools, the possibilities are almost limitless. And if you think wood pallets only look good outside, think again.

Here, Tanya from the YouTube channel Lovely Greens shows us how we can transform a single wood pallet into a beautiful planter. She fills hers with strawberries, but you can use it to plant just about anything. 

This project requires a bit of "brute force" as Tanya puts it, so expect to spend a couple hours in the backyard getting your hands dirty. You don't need to be super strong to complete this project, though, and some additional tools like a jigsaw and mallet will make the job much easier. Want even more wood pallet inspiration? Check out these 14 awesome projects that can be completed with a few wood pallets and a lot of elbow grease.

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H/T: Lovely Greens

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