How To Use Irish Spring Soap To Naturally Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

Gardening is a smart and budget-friendly way to provide you and your family with healthy fruits and veggies. No need to worry about what’s going in or on your produce, because you are the captain of these crops. The best greengrocer is just outside your window. Gardening is also a great way to stay active and get outdoors. Who needs the gym when you have hundreds of radishes and turnips to pluck from the Earth?

Sadly, the garden sometimes goes from a veggie nursery to a bitter battlefield. Pests, such as deer and slugs, can wreak havoc on a garden. These rude intruders swoop in and steal our precious food and flowers. If gardening has become more of a chore than a labor of love, follow these simple tips to scare off obnoxious pests: 

1. Incorporate "companion plants."

Harvest to Table

Certain plants give off an aroma that pests find unpleasant. Even the color of a plant can deter unwanted visitors. Putting a few companion plants in your garden, such as planting basil next to tomatoes, can deflect flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Harvest to Table has a handy guide on companion plants.

2. Garlic is your garden's friend.

If you have some garlic in your fridge, try throwing that in your garden. The strong odor of garlic will chase away beetles and potato bugs.

3. Hang up reflective CDs.

Purple Chocolat Home

The reflective surface of CDs will keep the hungry birds away from your fruits. Just hang a few from your spare branches to create a shiny weapon.

4. Deter deer with soap.


Deer do not like the smell or taste of soap - and who can blame them? Curbly came up with this great idea to cut up Irish Spring Soap and sprinkle it into the soil to keep deer at bay.

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