How To Vertically Organize Your Makeup

We love a good organization project here at Wimp. We especially love it when the project is simple to do but reaps big rewards. That’s a real winner. So, when we saw this genius little life hack from the folks over at LittleThings, we knew we just had to share it. It’s the perfect tool for taming one of the most unwieldy sources of clutter in many homes: the makeup drawer. 

Or makeup cabinet. Or makeup closet. Wherever you store makeup, it’s almost guaranteed to completely take over that space and be almost impossible to find the stuff you need when you need it. Beauty routines are complex monsters that already take up enough time as it is. Keeping those little bottles, vials, tubes and jars sorted shouldn’t keep you up at night.

And now it doesn’t have to. More than that, your makeup doesn’t have to take up any room! With just a baking sheet, some fabric, a glue gun and stick-on magnets, you can take your makeup vertical and never wonder where that concealer is or why you can’t see the bottom of the bathroom drawer ever again.

A word of advice before you attempt this – make sure the magnets you get can support your heaviest container of makeup and don’t forget the first rule of magnetism. That baking sheet’s gotta be steel! Aluminum is quite a common material for baking sheets and there are other materials sometimes used as well, but magnets simply won’t stick to anything that’s not made with an iron-based alloy.

Via:  LittleThings

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