Huge Wolf Has Nothing But Kisses For This Girl

Wolves have a bad reputation. All of us have grown up hearing tales of the “Big Bad Wolf” from countless fairy tales like The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter and the Wolf, and more. The fact is, we’ve been trained to think animals like turtles and pigs are good, but wolves are just out to get you. 

Unsurprisingly, real life is not very similar to the stories we’ve heard in fairy tales. When Danielle encountered a wolf in the snowy forests of Colorado, she didn’t run in fear like those ancient stories would have you believe. Instead, she calmly and confidently approached the beautiful animal. The result was a moment that she and all of us watching would never forget. 

The wolf, named Kekoa, actually belongs to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. While we can’t recommend the actions of Danielle in this video, we can at least say that maybe you can begin to change your opinion of these creatures. They don’t all want to blow your house down.

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H/T: Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

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