Human Tells Zeus The Husky To Get Out Of The Car. He Responds With A Hysterical Tantrum

We've seen our share of hilarious animals here at Wimp, but one of our recurring favorites is Zeus, the Siberian Husky. He just seems to do funny things with a consistent regularity, and his famous temper tantrums are the stuff of internet legend. Whenever things don't go his way, he doesn't hesitate to let his disappointment be known to the world.

In this clip, Zeus and his Mom just went for a ride in her Honda CRV. They cruised around town for a while and spent quality time together, but when they arrive back home, Zeus simply refuses to leave! Mom pops the hatch open and tells him it's time to go, but he just starts whining and howling like a big ol' baby.

No matter what his mom says to him, or what she tries to motivate him with, he stays firmly put. Maybe he was just comfy and didn't want to move yet, or maybe he wants to keep the joyride going. Either way, his tantrum certainly amused a lot of folks online, including us.

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H/T: Rumble Viral

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