Human Tries To Wake Up Her Tired Dog For A Walk, Dog Proceeds To Throw A Temper Tantrum

Some people can wake up in the morning totally chipper and full of energy, ready to take on the day! To those people, I say "You're a better man than I." I'm definitely not a morning person. I love sleeping in, and as the weather gets colder, I find the thought of leaving my cozy, warm, soft bed less and less appealing by the day. Still, you've got to do it eventually, whether it's for work or school. 

It turns out that animals can feel the same way too! Take this Siberian Husky named Zeus, for example. He really hates the idea of getting out of bed for a morning walk, and he is not afraid to let his feelings be known. When his human tries to wake him up for the aforementioned walk, he throws an adorable tantrum, howling and protesting like there's no tomorrow.

Zeus is actually quite famous for throwing tantrums and is a pretty unique pup. He has another viral video where he's seen whining and crying in the bathtub because he loves taking a bath and wants to do it all the time! Even when his brother, Kaden the German Shepherd, tries to wake him up to take a walk, he doesn't move. I can certainly sympathize with how he feels.

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H/T: Rumble

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