Hurricane Irma Sucked Up Enough Sea Water To Leave Bare Ocean Floors "As Far As The Eye Can See"

As much of the Caribbean and the Southern United States deal with the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, some truly shocking new footage has emerged showing the bare sea floor exposed by Irma.

Experts say that the low pressure from the storm was so powerful, that it literally "sucked up" countless gallons of water from the Atlantic ocean (most of which Irma proceeded to dump back onto Florida upon making landfall).

Multiple users on social media posted videos of a thoroughly depleted Caribbean shoreline. In some places, the normally crystal-blue waters literally receded as far as the eye could see, exposing miles of ocean floor.

Tsunamis are also known to draw seawater in a similar way, but experts say there is no current danger of one occurring. Thankfully, it appears that the waters are gradually returning back to normal. 

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H/T: American Blue Bird

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